You will be dazzled and amazed at every single turn, at the heart of the City of Princes. Around the Place du Casino, window shop at the heart of the famous “Cercle d’Or” Haute couture, jewelers, cosmopolitan boutiques and antique dealers are the key players in Monaco.

A modern town, Monaco has extended its territory by reclaiming land from the sea. While your yacht is anchored at port Hercules spend time exploring the Casino Gardens and Terraces with their magnificent flowerbeds and diverse species of plants. Walking down towards the sea and the Grimaldi Forum, high tech conference and events centers, you will discover the National Museum – “ villa Sauber “ and the Japanese Garden.

Breathe in the Mediterranean air while wandering through the Principality streets and savoring those unforgettable moments.


What to do:
Monaco Grand Prix, National Museum, Opera, Very fancy Restaurants, The Top Casino, Super Night Clubs, Luxury designers boutiques, Golfing, Citi Tours…

Do not miss:
The National Museum, Fontvielle, Japanesse Gardens, The Casino, Chapel of Visitation

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